About us

Here, we learn to share because we care.

We share tutorials, stories, resources, and information that enables our local communities to explore, learn, and discover how to connect and create together wherever help is needed.

We choose to live in our truth as members of a cooperative, sharing community where everyone who shares the ideal of an inclusive, kind, sharing, and just community for all are welcome.

We believe the world doesn’t change, we do.

CareBlair Coronavirus Lockdown Project

CareBlair was launched in March 2020 to provide essential groceries for seniors and disabled people living in Blairgowrie & Rattray during the Coronavirus Lockdown by local volunteers including it’s founder, Kyle Wilson.

CareBlair is recognised by Her Majesty The Queen for services to Blairgowrie & Rattray and has been awarded the British Empire Medal as part of the Queen’s Jubilee Birthday Honours celebrations 2022.

Since then, CareBlair has expanded beyond seniors as an educational platform to help other at risk households with children and the differently able.

Queens Birthday Honours Investiture Ceremony

Our latest projects

CareBlair’s projects help to build communities around ideas.

scotsvote uk

CareBlair created scotsvote.uk to help the young and young at heart to register to vote and participate in local and national elections as well informed voters. This non-profit and non-partisan project believes in real people focusing on real issues, honest conversations, real grassroots campaigning, and sharing what we really think within an open and fair democratic society. 

Carers Week 2023

This project is part of mini docu-series by CareBlair that shares Kyle’s own journey of learning more about nutrition, health, fitness, and balance in life. He is sharing what he knows as he learns and applies it in his own life as a carer for two elderly and disabled family members. 

Discover more about how Kyle is helping his Grandparents to live independently in Perthshire.

Electricity Usage Monitor Lending Program Project

CareBlair is currently campaigning to install an electricity usage monitor lending program in local libraries across Perth & Kinross.

The project aims to help anyone in the community to see which household appliances are consuming the most electricity, help us all make more cost effective choices in our energy consumption, and to establish an outreach to local high school science departments to use the residential meters to teach energy conservation as part of climate change education and as part of good stewardship of natural resources and energy, and as part of managing a household budget and household costs.

Got a question, a thought, or an idea?

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Until then, remember, sharing is caring 🙂