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Community Volunteers From All Walks Of Life Are Discovering Creative Ways To Connect Through Sustainable Fundraising.

Blairgowrie High School student, Ava, got together with her two school friends to enter into the Poppy Scotland competition. Their innovative digital poster and printable money box idea has won them a place in the ‘most sustainable fundraising idea’ category and has now progressed further inside the competition.

Ava and her team have enjoyed sharing their idea with charities and volunteers thanks to one of the Poppy Scotland Learning’ projects which focuses on fundraising for Schools and young people.

The three students know how important fundraising is to local community organizations and they want to help them, in their own way, to continue their efforts during these challenging times. If you would like to vote for Ava and her team, you may do so here.

We Wanted Our Idea To Be Printable From Our Own Home.

Just as Ava shared in her video above, many organizations have a sizable portion of older volunteers who fit the ‘at risk’ category and are therefor unable to continue their individual efforts in their usual way. Because of this, almost all community organizations with a sizable older volunteer base will have faced or are likely still facing many obstacles when it comes to keeping their communities engaged in their mission.

For nonprofit organizations, it might be necessary to postpone galas, charity events, and other large gatherings where individuals would be in close proximity. It is likely these events will not be practical for the foreseeable future. We’re seeing a refrain from scheduling or rescheduling events until there is more clarity on the impacts of the virus, and we would recommend this as a best practice.

The great part about Ava and her teams’ digital poster and printable money box is that together they’ve made something that is accessible, shareable, and simple enough for volunteers from all walks of life in their local community and other communities to both continue their fundraising efforts safely while also ensuring that local organizations can continue to carry out crucial community fundraising to survive the pandemic.

We Can All Share Ava’s Money Box Around Our Communities.

At CareBlair, we made a video for this blog post sharing how community non-profits can create their best community content to show that even during these challenging times, there are still many ways that we can safely and responsibly share our love for the local people, organizations, and communities that we all call home. Below, you’ll also find five ways (or 130) to inspire you:

These Blairgowrie High School Kids Are Baking Cakes & Facetiming The Elderly.

Also taking part in the Poppy Scotland Learning competition are Blairgowrie High School S1 Students Alex, Amber, and Casey. The trio realizes loneliness affects many people, especially as they get older, and so they thought it will be a good idea to reach out to the older local population who are living in sheltered housing and care homes during the Covid-19 lockdowns. They reached out to various care homes including Meigle Care Home to ask if they would like to be part of their project and are looking at starting their own Just Giving donation page alongside Poppy Scotland as shown in their video below. If you wish to cast your vote, you may do so here.

Question Of The Day: What do you think are the most important needs that need to be met in the local community of Blairgowrie & Rattray?

But that you feel are not being fully addressed for the most vulnerable local populations during this current lockdown? (For example, seniors, elderly, differently-abled, single parents, low-income households, etc.)