CareBlair Launches Step-By-Step Tutorial Series For Blairgowrie Non-Profit Community Groups.

Welcome back to CareBlair where we share positive news, stories, and information that helps local volunteers, non-profits, and charities to connect with their audience in meaningful ways online.

As we already know, 2020 has been an interesting year, but not for good reason. With everything we’ve faced during these uncertain times, the need to bring our local non-profit community online hasn’t been greater.

We’re supporting our local area by sharing interactive tutorials like these to help Blairgowrie’s non-profit community groups get set-up online.

These tutorials are designed to enable community non-profits to connect with their audiences and collaborate with their teams in real-time with complete ease during this 2020 winter season, and beyond.

How BLAIRGOWRIE NON-PROFITS Can Register Their OWN Domain Name With Google Domains | EPO2 | Scotland

We’ve got some fresh new content coming your way during this 2020 winter season and beyond that’ll help you to get to grips with new technology and digitize your face-to-face services so you can continue to provide the urgent care and support that your community needs at this moment and beyond

In this video, I’ll be sharing with you the step-by-step process of registering your very own domain name with Google Domains and I’ll also be sharing how you and your team can get started quickly and easily with a free website using the Google platform, Blogger.

The reason why we’re recommending Google Domains is because of their fair pricing and transparency. And Blogger is Google’s free tool for creating blogs.

This makes Maintaining ownership over your own website easy. I believe Non-profit community groups should always remain in control and independent with their online presence as a security measure.

And speaking of security, Google Domains is one of the only hubs offering free privacy protection for the highest levels of security. This means when you purchase your domain name from Google, your personal information will not appear on the WHOis database for the world to see and access.

Step One – Register Your Domain Name

So the first step to building your online community is to head over to Google and search for, “Google Domains,” and then you’ll arrive at the Google Domains homepage. From here we can search for our domain name using the search bar tool.

This is going to open up a new page where we’re greeted with a range of available domain names. Non-profits typically look for ‘.ORG’ domains as they are short for ‘organization’.

Step Two – Set-up Your Free Blogger Website

Ok so this is where having a Google Account comes in handy. Google has a popular platform called Blogger and since 1999 it has helped non-profits like yours to easily connect with their audiences online by allowing us to connect a free website with our Google Account.

If we head over to the top right-hand corner of our Google Account, you’ll notice these squared dots. Click on this to reveal the drop-down menu then we can simply scroll down to find the Blogger app.

How CareBlair Was Born

CareBlair, a local Blairgowrie & Rattray community group has recently formed to help those who are most at risk during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The goal is to deliver 20-25 care packages to seniors and disabled local residents across Blairgowrie & Rattray who may be stuck in their homes due to the #coronaviruslockdown and who are in need of valuable support during this difficult time.

Along with this, each resident will also receive a TV Times Magazine, a lovely easter egg, and a handwritten easter card full of well wishes!

By focusing on raising awareness in a positive response by giving the public simple things that they can do, rather than feeding the fear and panic we can remain in good spirits and bring our communities closer together.