Lets Build TRUST on Your Blairgowrie Non-Profit Google My Business Listing.

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Perhaps you may have heard of the saying, ‘The Lights Are On But Nobody Is Home’? Well, a Google My Business Listing with no useful information or engaging content is the equivalent of just that – a home with the lights on and nobody inside. In 2021, It isn’t enough to throw up a basic online presence in this manner and somehow hope to attract and gain the trust of potential donors and volunteers with our local community non-profit.

We’re Familiar With Google, Right?

Google is a search engine. And we all know that search engines operate much different when compared with social media platforms for example.

We’ve come to understand that people use Google to research topics, people, places, and causes that they’re most curious about and they even make decisions based on the quality of information they discover, whereas, on the other hand, we know that people, for the most part, tend to use social media to socialize with friends, family, and to be entertained by various social trends.

A Word On Social Trends.

The downside of relying on the information from social trends is that the content we absorb is more likely to have been manipulated as more and more audiences publish their own versions of the same exact information to the point where it can even become unreliable depending upon the credibility of not only its source but also the various audiences who may be republishing that same content as their own. 

Non-Profits Who Use One Single Social Media Platform.

Solely relying on one single social media platform to all the work of connecting with your audience in meaningful ways can become quite a challenge for non-profits to break through the social noise, and hold the attention of an audience who, for the most part, are only here for escapism and entertainment.

Creating Content On Google Helps To Build Trust.

So one of the first steps to building trust with your online community is to make it quick and easy for potential donors and volunteers to understand who you are by letting them engage with the people within our non-profit.

It’s no secret. People connect with people. And this experience stands its best chance when it is done authentically and with no agenda to sell our services. We’ve all been there, remember the pushy salesman on the street? Yeah, don’t be that guy. Try to create content that has nothing to do with selling your non-profits services and watch your engagement and relationships deepen over time as a result.

How Does This Process Actually Work?

Part One – Adding content to our Google My Business Listing helps our cause to stand out which increases our non-profit’s visibility on Google Search and Google Maps (The worlds most used search engine).

Part Two – This increased visibility of your Non-Profit’s Google My Business Listing will help to drive curiosity in who you are and may even result in potential donors and volunteers seeking out your website.

Part Three – Providing a good experience on a simple to use and easy to navigate website will more than likely translate those users into new supporters who now want to keep in touch with you and engage with your cause in fun and exciting ways across their favorite social media platforms.

Publishing Your First Piece Of Content On Google.

This video is a segment from our full tutorial on how to create trust with our potential donors and volunteers by publishing original content on our Google My Business Listing. This 3-minute segment gets straight to the point and shares with you how to create and publish your own content to your Google My Business Listing.

Question Of The Day: What do you think are the most important needs that need to be met in the local community of Blairgowrie & Rattray?

But that you feel are not being fully addressed for the most vulnerable local populations during this current lockdown? (For example, seniors, elderly, differently-abled, single parents, low-income households, etc.)