CareBlair Package Number Three For Senior Gentleman In Blairgowrie

Harry The CareBlair Hare has been around town today and CareBlair Package 3 of 20/25 has been delivered to a lovely senior gentleman this afternoon. We are honestly loving our colorful selection of protective gloves to choose from everyday folks! It’s a shame we can’t come into contact with the receivers of the CareBlair Packages but we love seeing those smiles on people’s faces when we are sent a photo by their family or carer. Who’s Harry giving CareBlair Package number 4 to? Take a guess and we’ll all find out soon, including us! Many many thanks for the continued support of the community of Blairgowrie & Rattray. Your support allows us to achieve the goal of delivering 20/25 CareBlair Packages to local seniors and disabled residents who are unable to leave their homes during the Coronavirus Lockdown. The CareBlair Packages provide the essential, tasty groceries that keep their tummies happy and their mind at peace. Together we help them to remember that they have an extended family that cares for them, the wonderful community. Much love to you all, stay safe and take care out there.

CareBlair Delivers First Care Package To Local, 94 Year-Old Senior Lady In Blairgowrie

Thank-you so much for helping to deliver the first Care Package to a 94 year old lady in Blairgowrie. What a surprise she will get when she opens the door! This beautiful photo was taken by the lady’s carer with permission given by the lady to share the photo online. This is the wonderful lady who received the first CareBlair Package. She was over the moon and really enjoyed the surprise. Her wee smile says it all

Our Fundraising Progress

CareBlair’s crowdfunding campaign has been active for a little over 48 hours, brought joy, smiles, and peace of mind to its community, and delivered 3 CareBlair packages of essential groceries to seniors and disabled residents who are stuck in their homes due to the Coronavirus lockdown. To all of our AMAZING supporters who have gone out of their way to donate a small amount to our crowdfunding page on Just Giving. In the last 48 hours, together with the local community, we have raised over £1,000 to deliver 20/25 much-needed groceries to vulnerable seniors and disabled residents who require this essential service and support during the current health crisis. You are all incredibly generous and supportive and we really can’t express our thank-you’s enough to each and every one of you. Thanks to you all, we have achieved the goal of raising £625 to buy £20-25 of groceries for 20-25 seniors and disabled residents! The community’s generosity has motivated us to contact the local Perth and Kinross Council to ask their guidance on donating all funds that are raised above the amount needed to pay for 20/25 CareBlair Packages to the council for them to allocate to the most pressing needs in the community during this crisis, most especially the need to deliver meals, groceries, and medical supplies to our most vulnerable and senior residents in Blairgowrie & Rattray. We can’t wait to see the support that this gives to the local, reputable groups who are working flat out during this health crisis to ensure the vulnerable members of Blairgowrie & Rattray get the support they need and the love and kindness they deserve during this challenging time.

How CareBlair Was Born

CareBlair, a local Blairgowrie & Rattray community group has recently formed to help those who are most at risk during the Coronavirus pandemic. The goal is to deliver 20-25 care packages to seniors and disabled local residents across Blairgowrie & Rattray who may be stuck in their homes due to the #coronaviruslockdown and who are in need of valuable support during this difficult time. Along with this, each resident will also receive a TV Times Magazine, a lovely easter egg, and a handwritten easter card full of well wishes! By focusing on raising awareness in a positive response by giving the public simple things that they can do, rather than feeding the fear and panic we can remain in good spirits and bring our communities closer together.