Universal Credit 2hours

CareBlair has put together a series of short, step-by-step videos to help you and your loved ones to understand Universal Credit and discover the tools that will make everyday life a little bit brighter.

Video 1 : What is Universal Credit?

Everything We Need To Know About This New Social Security Program.

9 min.

Video 2 : How To Use a Benefits Calculator To Check Our Entitlements

This benefits Calculator tutorial will simplify our life and shed light on our entitlements. We’ll share how to use this tool to check our Universal Credit entitlements.


Video 3: How To Apply For Universal Credit

Sometimes, you know, it can feel a little overwhelming to navigate an application process alone. Together, step-by-step, we’ll share how to apply for universal credit.


Video 4 : How To Get Paid Fortnightly

We share step-by-step how to get paid fortnightly on Universal Credit choices and via APA (Alternative Payment Arrangement).


Video 5 : 5 Practical Tips Ft. Perth Citizens Advice

We connect you with Perth Citizens Advice. They’re sharing five practical tips for those of us who are thinking of claiming Universal Credit and for those of us who are already claiming.


Video 6 : How To Create A Monthly Household Budget

We create a monthly household budget using Google Docs to help us manage our income and expenses.


Video 7 : Finding Local Rewards/Offers

In this example, we show why looking around our local community for rewards and offers can give us (and our community) a welcome boost.


Kyle Wilson


Kyle shares his time between being a student filmmaker, volunteering, being a carer for his disabled grandparents, and working in a local supermarket.